As the first single of her upcoming album “Rise“ the young R&B singer Bianca Aristía based in Leipzig, Germany chose a dramatic entrance – a song about the ups and downs of life and the phases of “Growing Pains”, that change you and, despite their discomfort, create a more fulfilling life in the end. She describes her style as “Indie R&B” with various influences and her powerful voice in the center of performance.

The single is available for digital download / streaming here:
Spotify: https://lnk.site/spotify/qH6UbIWk
Amazon: https://lnk.site/amazonmp3/qH6UbIWl
iTunes: https://lnk.site/itunes/qH6UbIWi

Almost everything about “Growing Pains” is self-made. The singer wrote the song in a turbulent phase of finding who she wants to be. Thanks to her long-term experience in creating electronic music herself, she knew exactly how she wanted her music to sound. The record was produced and mixed by Bianca Aristía and Lennart Jahn, who also plays in her band, that greatly inspired the arrangement and gave it more of a live touch in the choruses. Together they created a unique sound rooted in modern R&B/Pop with influences of Rock and Hip Hop/Trap. It’s a song of contrast – Beginning quiet yet suspenseful with Aristía’s warm voice accompanied by an ambient pad. Loaded with emotions the singer enters the chorus showing her “Growing Pains“, which she calls “the messengers of change”. After the hook-line with harmonized soulful vocals, the second verse moves on surrounded by a slow hip hop beat. Aristía’s expressive vocals carry deep emotions and climax with insight on what happened: „This thing you fear most is a metamorphosis paving your way towards a brand new life“. Then there comes contrast and the chorus is torn apart by a screaming rock guitar and live drums symbolizing heavy waves of life hitting . The song continues with a sung rap showing off rhythmical and pithy vocals and eventually returns to a meditative and intimate part just to be torn apart one last time by a powerful chorus with the words “My heart beats out of time…”.
Growing Pains impresses with its modern R&B/Pop sound combined with the refreshing rawness of live guitar and excellent vocals. Bianca Aristía skillfully manages to convey the feeling of this story. With this whole package coming from a young, self-made artist, who doesn’t just sing, but also created the music herself, go ahead and let yourself be drawn into the experience of “Growing Pains”

Music Video:
Directed by Yurdakul Peksen
Camera: Daniel Goede
Drone Operator: Erik Toussaint
Dancers: Sarah Schwartze, Lena Baumgarten
Mud People: Sarah Schwartze, Lena Baumgarten, Laura Saleh, Marlene Everling, Lennart Jahn
Hair & Makeup / Styling: Nele Sternberg
Assistance: Anna Kühn, Mattis Kopper

Words & Music: Bianca Aristía
Arrangement: Bianca Aristía, Georg Spieß, Lennart Jahn,
Matthias Nitz, Stan Neufeld
Produced by Bianca Aristía, Lennart Jahn
Vocals: Bianca Aristía
Keys: Lennart Jahn & Bianca Aristía
Guitar: Georg Spieß
Additional Live Drums: Stan Neufeld
Drum Programming: Bianca Aristía
Mixing: Bianca Aristía, Lennart Jahn
Mastering: Norbert Gerthold (Get Lifted)